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I mainly shoot documentaries and corporate films. I always strive to combine objectivity and authenticity in an aesthetic way with attractive and balanced images.



Attention to detail, choice of equipment, control, flexibility, respect of agreements, etc. Your expectations are at the heart of the action, and I will do everything in my power to meet them.

Modern standards

Modern standards

I work with the latest equipment, software, and industry standards. Your film will work on different devices. Do you want high definition? Or Ultra High Definition? We roll for you.


My name is André, I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium.

I've been taking pictures all my adult life. Portraits, landscapes, architecture, interiors, etc. With the widespread use of film (for websites, social media, YouTube, VLOGs and more), the demand for film has increased tremendously. Lately, I've been focusing more and more on this area.

I work alone, which makes it easier to control costs.

I do documentaries, interviews, presentations, company introductions, etc. For product presentations and advertising, I'm not the right person: you need bigger teams and studios for that. It's really a specialty. The prices are different too...

Let's say: you want a 4 to 5 minute film to present your company on your website. We meet a first time to define mutual expectations. Who is the film for? What do you want to tell? Will you tell it yourself? Where do you want to do it? In your office? Or on the workfloor? Will it be something static, more like an interview, or something dynamic? What language will we speak? Do we need subtitles?

Based on this conversation, I develop an initial plan: here's what we're going to tell, who, where and how. We discuss it, adjust it, and it becomes the basis of the script.

5 minutes of film, take two days of shooting. Then comes post-production. That is to say, editing the filmed sequences, adjusting the colors to obtain a calm and balanced whole, adjusting the sound (removing background noise, echoes, parasite noises such as crumpling of paper, traffic, falling objects, etc.) Perhaps you would like subtitles? Or a dubbed version in another language? Anything is possible, but of course it takes extra time.

It is important to know that a short film for a corporate presentation should not only be captivating, it should also be impeccable, both in terms of image and sound. No matter how interesting and captivating the message is, viewers will walk away if the images are not good (blurred, unstable, unattractive colors, etc.). Curiously, they are even more likely to give up when the sound is bad: distracting background noise, lack of clarity, echo, ...


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